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mattress-cleaning-ladyMattresses are constantly gathering dust, dirt, dust mites, mold, pet and human dander, pollen, and all different types of allergens.

This is why our experts here at Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are fully trained in how to clean your mattress for you, whether you are needing the mattresses in your home cleaned, or a commercial business. We make the cleanliness of your bed our top priority, and with our vast range of available services for keeping your bed clean, and healthy to be slept in, we are your number one place to go.

On top of that, our prices are fantastic! You wont find better services at these rock bottom prices. Our team is filled with friendly staff eager to help with anything you may need, and with our “get it done right the first time” attitude, you won’t want to look anywhere else.

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mattress cleaning kidsMany people just do not think about cleaning their mattresses. Often it is because the dirt that lies inside of your mattress can’t be seen with the naked eyes, but a mattress is so important to keep as clean as you can, no matter if you are a commercial enterprise, or someone looking for the mattresses in their own home. Unclean mattresses can even begin to effect how you sleep, and how healthy you are if they are not cleaned every so often.


Inspection And Quote

With every single service we provide, we never fail to do an initial inspection to make sure that we are aware of everything your particular situation needs. That initial inspection allows up to offer you a clear and concise quote, which we honor completely.

Pre-Clean Vacuuming

When you own a mattress, removing as much dead skin cells, dust and dirt as possible is vital before beginning the process of a full mattress clean. That is why we use only professional, high powered vacuum cleaners. They have the ability to remove as much of that stuff as it is physically possible to remove before we get started with our full cleaning.

Full Clean

Only using products that are completely environmentally friendly only raises the quality of the cleaning products we use on your mattress to rid it of any stains that may be lingering about. Using the least amount of liquid cleaners, while getting your mattress to top clean condition is one of our specialties. The professional machines we use are gauged to dry your mattress faster than any other leading machine on the professional market. We use deodorizers after your mattresses deep clean to remove any other lingering odors

Final Inspection

When we come to the end of our cleaning process, we make it a habit to always go back, and re-inspect your mattress to make doubly sure we have done the job we promised, and to make sure you are absolutely happy with the result.

Booking Hotline: (07) 3041 1909


When you don’t clean your mattress, it can accumulate some very nasty things that are very bad for your health. It is important to make sure your mattress receives the proper care it deserves, as an investment in your overall health and happiness.

clean-mattressAlternatively, cleaning your own mattress is very hard work, and it can be tough to know all the wright products to use on it, and depending on the fabric your mattress is made out of, it can be an absolute hassle.

Our professional equipment was made to handle any kind of mattress, and it is specifically made to be able to deep clean a mattress properly. The other machines you could possibly buy are not really going to be able to cut it for what you need in a full mattress cleaning.

Our experience helping thousands of people with the same problems, and our trained cleaning experts are who you really want, doing this job as efficiently, and completely as possible. Cleaning our mattress gets rid of all sorts of nasty things, and provides you with:

  • Asthma and allergy relief
  • A much better night’s sleep
  • And a cleaner, more sanitary environment to live in.

You have to remember: The dirt on mattresses is all things that you are physically unable to see. The dirt and grime is definitely there, and believe us when we say you want our professionals to take care of those for you.

Residential Mattress Cleaning

We appreciate and value our customers, and we understand that your home and your investments are important to you, and that makes them important to us. Our trained professionals are very good at what they do and will have no trouble cleaning your mattress with friendly, service oriented haste. Making sure that we don’t waste any of your time, but also guaranteeing that you get a service that you are 100% happy with.

Commercial Mattress Cleaning

When you need mattress cleaning for your properties, especially when your industry is in hospitality, you need look no further than the number below. Large jobs, small jobs, they are all within our expertise, and we happily look forward to hearing about any service we can provide you with. Your businesses clean sleeping environment is the name of our business.


mattress cleaning professionalwhen you think your mattress is in need of professional cleaning, Carpet Cleaners Brisbane is merely a simple phone call away. Our team looks forward to providing you with excellent service at unbeatable prices.

Booking Hotline: (07) 3041 1909