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Tile & Grout Cleaning BrisbaneIf you tile is looking gross or your grout is starting to wear, you need look no further than your friends at Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. We are your one stop shop when it comes to maintaining the tile surfaces in your house.

Our expert tile & grout cleaning service is one of our many additional cleaning services we offer in addition to our carpet cleaning  and we won’t be beaten in price! Our team is trained in maintaining and cleaning tile, grout, and sealant.

Grout is a little spongy and will collect dirt and grime. Worse yet, if it hasn’t been properly sealed it can collect bacteria and moisture. You can be faced with ugly staining or mold and mildew.

You could try to clean it by hand, but with so much collected below the surface, you may want to consider professional help. We can extract dirt, grime and mold from below the surface of the grout to leave your home with a deep down clean.

Trust our expertise to help you with all your tile and grout problems.

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  • Completely eliminate fungi and mold
  • Sanitize, Repair, And Restore Your Tile and Grout
  • Seal All Your Tile and Grout
  • Removal Of Any And All Stains

Our professionals are trained to be able to expertly take care of any of your tile and grout needs. We make it a point to offer healthy, environmentally safe products.


tile cleaning BrisbaneHere at Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we take our responsibility to know everything there is to know about tile and grout problems seriously. We understand how different types of tile material react to both stain agents and cleaning processes so we can find the right solution for you.

From this information we will provide you with a detailed and accurate quote. We have a 100% guarantee on our tile and grout services – just like our other services.

1. Inspection- we make it our job to properly assess exactly what condition your grout and tile is in, so that we can make our quote as accurate as possible, because we honor the quotes we give.

2. Preemptive Dry Mop/Sweep- by doing a preemptive dry mop and/or sweep, we are able to remove any loose dirt, sand and debris. This is critical as those loose particles can scratch tile and grout surfaces, potentially leaving unsightly scars.

3. Pre Cleaning- we then apply our specially made, powerful cleaning solutions and give them time to penetrate all the way. Our teams make sure to pay special attention to smaller lines of grout that the other guys miss.

4. Full Clean- our top of the line professional extraction machines wash, and rinse all the water from every surface we are working on. Combined with the powerful cleaning solutions we use this process will fully remove water, dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. It will even remove the discoloration from sources such as mineral deposits, soap scum and failed cleaning attempts.

5. Drying-   Lastly, we clear away any remaining water with a mop before setting up powerful fans to dry your floor as fast as possible for your safety. We are well known for our rapid dry times, a key element in preventing mold and mildew from returning.


Our professionals are trained to be able to expertly take care of any of your tile and grout needs. We make it a point to offer healthy, environmentally safe products.

Booking Hotline: (07) 3041 1909


While we are known for specializing in large scale, and mostly commercial tiled areas like school showers and hospitals, we also do residential tile and grout. Nothing is too big or too small for our experts to take care of efficiently and safely.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Mobile VanLet us take care of any and all your tile and grout problems. We know exactly what to do with every broken, cracked, and grimy tile and grout situation.

Tiling can be expensive, whether you are looking at doing it in your home, or in a large commercial building. Frequent steam cleaning and resealing is a fantastic way to give your tile and grout all the protection it needs, and a great way of avoiding any very costly restoration repairs.

By keeping tile and grout sealed you can prevent many stains and mildew issues. Usually we recommend reapplying sealant annually, however some high traffic,  high moisture areas need it more frequently than that. Ask your Carpet Cleaning Brisbane tile and grout specialist for their recommendation.


tile-and- grout-cleaning-services-professionalWe make sure that we always use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. We take pride in our work- we would never wish our work to harm or stain your precious tiles, hardwood floors, or other surfaces.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane can also reseal your grout. Sealant can wear down, becoming thin and brittle over time. Resealing it increases the longevity of your existing grout, and we only use the highest quality sealants to protect your investment.

Booking Hotline: (07) 3041 1909

Residential Tile & Grout

We happily tend to the tile and grout in the kitchen, bathroom, or any room of your home. We make all of your tile surfaces sparkle like new, protecting your investment in your home for years to come. By keeping tile and grout clean we also help you protect your family from mold, mildew and bacteria that can grow where moisture builds up in porous surfaces.

Commercial Tile & Grout

Keep your business looking its best. Dirty grout and tile in the workplace can be a health and safety risk. You don’t want mildew in your bathrooms or grease buildup in your kitchens putting a halt to your business.  Trust us to keep your tile clean, so you can focus on your work.


tile-and-grout-cleaning-consultationWhen you need professional help you want the best.  When it comes to cleaning every surface in your home or commercial property, Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is the best.

Our team has been extensively trained and has the knowledge you need for handling all types of tile and grout. We know how to treat and care for any type of tile, and cater our solutions to your specific needs.  We use only the leading, environmentally safe cleaning products and the more powerful equipment available.

We aren’t satisfied until you are, backing up our work with the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane satisfaction guarantee. All of this, and you still get the best price in town!  What are you waiting for?  Contact us today for an estimate.

Booking Hotline: (07) 3041 1909